Bus Operator’s Guide

Issuance of new permits


  • Conduct passenger demand surveys
  • Identify required buses and their categories
  • Preparation of Traffic proposal
  • Determined the time table and fares
  • Obtain necessary approvals
  • Call for tenders
  • Selection criteria -Applicant history
  • Tender awarding
  • Check the bus
  • Charging fees
  • Issuance of permits

Existing permits renewals


  • Made Request for renew the permit
  • Has to be checked all necessary documents

    -Valid Fitness
    -Valid Unlimited Insurance
    -Valid Vehicle emission test certificate or Revenue license
    -Bus check report if necessary
    -Checked if there is public complaints or permit violations

  • Charging relevant fees
  • Update the permit book and label
  • Issuance of renewed permit