About Nisi Sariya

Encouraging provision of reliable and regular public bus service during late night is envisaged under the “Nisi Sariya”. The National Transport Commission has been assisting 56 identified late night services leaving city centers by reimbursing 50% of the fuel cost of the journey. Under this programme, the operator has to operate at least 90% of the journey of particular month for this entitlement. Under the 2nd phase of the project, sixteen (16) services have been identified and assigned to the SLTB. Presently 58 SLTB Services (Western , Southern and Uva)


100 “Nisi Sariya” night services are being planned together with SLTB and private operators in Colombo and its suburbs.

Service Monitoring

In ensuring that a service of high standards is provided to you, our valued passengers, especially during night time, NTC mobile inspectors periodically monitor the bus routes to ensure that time tables and standards are met.