1. What is the difference between "Semi Luxury" and "Normal" service besides the higher fare of "Semi Luxury" service?

"Semi Luxury" service is not allowed standing passengers and only seated passengers should be transported and can't stop each and every halt like normal service, so limited stopping have been allowed to minimize the travel time.

2. How to identify "Semi Luxury" service bus before get in the bus?

"Semi Luxury" service can be identified by the "Blue" colour Origin-Destination sticker on the front, back and left sides of the bus.

3. How to get a bus service for a certain route?

After appeal for a bus service, the certain route is to be surveyed to collect information regarding passenger demand, route length, etc and if the commission satisfy with the result of the survey a tender is called to select a person to grant a route permit.

4. Should complainer definitely participate in the investigation?

Yes, because without complainers evidence a real action can not be taken and victims statements has to be accepted without objections. Therefore both parties should be definitely participated.